Do you know what happens when u realize you’ve outgrown someone?

You start to see them in a completely different light.

Maybe they changed.

Maybe they didn’t.

Maybe you’re just discovering who they really are for the first time.

Very much like a cleaning your eyeglasses, you readjust what once made sense.

This instant, your perception of them has heightened to the next level.

Just like most relationships that stand the test of time, my interest in her isn’t as devouringly entertaining as before.

I start to think and analyze what on earth has happened to this once tight friendship?

I’m not piqued from her incessant ramblings anymore.

Her stories aren’t as surprising as opening a birthday gift; rather, starting to sound mildly mundane and irrelevant.

It leaves me wondering if she was just a picture passing; an amusement for a mere moment.

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m grateful for the attention she still lovingly showers me.

I am, though, incapable to return the favor.

I conclude that my thoughts do not bother me one bit.

Does this make me a horrid friend?