Things i learned from my relationshits (relationships) with men
AND what i DESERVE in the future:

1. Better NO man than the wrong man. I do not need to be dragged through a completely unsatisfying relationship. I deserve someone who is nice to me at ALL times because I will be nice to them, as well.

2. A good relationship should NOT be lived in secrecy. I must have myself one worth living out loud. I’m tired of this in particular. Screw u, if you can’t be proud of me.

3. If a sane guy really liked me, there is nothing that will stand in his way. AND, if he’s not sane, why would I want him anyway?

4. I shouldn’t waste the pretty; I shouldn’t waste the fabulous.

5. I will not let him trick me into asking him out. It doesn’t mean I’m not capable or independent. If he wants me, he’ll come “chase” me! AND if he’s not asking me out, then I ought not be obsessing about him!!!

6. My only job is to be as HAPPY as I can be about my life, and feel as GOOD as I can about myself.

7. COMMUNICATION. Both of us must know how to use the phone. If he was into me, I would be the bright spot in his horribly busy day. We can use text OR email nowadays. No excuses. I will not go out with a man who expects me to wait by the phone.

8. If he is NOT calling me, it’s because I am not on his mind. That hurts… TRUTH hurts, right? He can never be too busy for me. I shouldn’t slip his mind.

9. I will only date a man who’s at least as good as his word. He will mean it when he actually does what he said he would do.

10. A man who’s really into me is going to want me all to himself. He wants me, makes me feel sexy, and desired fully. NOTHING will stop him from being with me.

11. When a guy says; “I love you but I’M NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU”
[I think] it truly means: he’s not attracted to me and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. Read the second line! They also do not know how to tell you this. Cowards!!!
12. It’s nice to have companionship. I need that just like anybodyelse. It’s ok to feel lonely and wanting to wake up with someone you like sometimes. Then, again, that’s what pets are for!

13. SEX i have the right to have a fantastic sex life and eNJoY it. Learn it, Live it, Love it.

14. I deserve an affectionate, attentive, and SOBER boyfriend. A drunk/addicted boyfriend only likes me more when it’s less of me. The truth of the matter is: He can’t enjoy me at my full levels.

15. I want marriage; so, I will NOT wait for a decade or two for him to realize I’m the best thing that ever happened to him. The right person for me cannot wait to love me!
16. MOVE ON, ASAP. My ex will remain in the past where he belongs. Remember, he’s choosing, EVERY DAY, not to be with me.

17. NO BREAK UP SEX. Breaking up means NOT seeing them again, which also implies not seeing them naked, again. My breakup maximum is once. oN-Off-On-oFF relationships? I think it’s downhill from there. Second chances need not apply.

18. It’s a FACT that a man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves.

19. a.J.’s LIFE iS WAY TOO SHORT. I will not waste my valuable heart and mind trying to figure out why he did what he did. I’m getting older and wiser, right? We all make mistakes. Say sorry and move on.

20. NO DRAMA. Let his mother yell at him. I’m way too busy & I’ve got more important things to do.

21. If the person I “love” cannot freely spend his days thinking about me and not being with me, then it’s NOT REAL LOVE.

22. Guys usually tell you how they feel FROM DAY ONE even if you refuse to listen or believe them. He knows in his heart if he’s ready to upgrade to the MAJOR leagues.

23. I WILL MAKE NO MORE EXCUSES! We all have problems with our childhood. I’m making the effort to better my life, he should join me!

24. Life is hard enough as it is without choosing someone difficult to share it with.
25. Be smart & have faith. Freaks should remain in the circus. I already have one asshole, I don’t need another one.
26. I will not date a man who isn’t sure he wants me. Let’s make it simple. Make up your mind, man. Grow some balls and tell me the truth.
27. I will not be with a man who’s afraid to talk about our future.
28. I will NEVER date a man who is married. No but’s or if’s about this one.
29. I will not, UNDER any circumstances, spend my precious time and self with a man who has already rejected me.
signed & copyrighted,
aPRiL J. Gazmen
Oct 17, 2004
i LOVE myseLf soooo muxh rite now, iono iF i can share meeh with anybodyeLse less deserving. aLL of us shouLd think this way. TRUST meeh, it feels liberating and empowering. i hope u’aLL get sumthin from this. WAKE uP *_*, fRiends!
i aM
revisions & any amendments: 1/5/5
31. Just because I see you naked doesn’t mean we’ll sleep together.
32. I’m not supermodel Barbie; so, deal with the fact that I’m a woman with curves. The only time I’m going to go on a diet is when I say so. I’m not losing any weight for any man.
revisions & any amendments: 2/15/5
33. I will not date a man who doesn’t show me the same respect that I give him. How he acts towards me now is a preview of things to come. Chances are, he won’t change and is set in his ways.
34. Universal law: I want what I get. If I keep telling myself that I want a good man over and over again, it’ll be easier for me to remember.
35. Follow your own advice & listen to your gut instinct. If you don’t feel right about something, maybe there’s something wrong.
36. Beware the cycle of bad choices. “It” will keep repeating until I learn my lesson.