My first entry.

Let me talk of something significant; maybe I’ll get noticed by the admins.


I don’t like being by myself around this day. Believe it or not, I’ll shake and turn green like Kip from Futurama. I’ll turn into gooey jelly at the first sound. Not even eerie sounds, mind you. But simple wind wooshing that happens every night because our apartment portrudes from the rest of the complex. I’d rather admit being a scaredy cat if it means someone will come home and make sure I’m protected. A flashback just reminded me how awful last year’s was. Literally, I almost jumped on a kid with my knife. Well, it was behind my back…

We have annoying neighbors with more annoying brats that moved in our once quiet building. The pitter patter of squeaky sneakers have become the source for my headaches. Never once did I think that kids could become a bane to my quiet existance. Maybe this trick or treating night won’t be as exciting as it used to. I’m hoping the cold should keep some of them indoors…

By the way, when did I start acting such a witch?