A couple of weeks ago, I was overly distraught about not having my set schedule at work. At the time, I thought I was worried I did not have a job to return to as I neglected it while I concentrated on school. For some reason, I allowed stress to disrupt my post-semester-in-hell respite. Come to realize today, I was anxious about the unknown; upset at myself for getting worked up for nothing. I find having a daily planner, syllabus, or just plain appointments calming. There is no denying; I can be obsessive compulsive. To others, meeting a deadline produces more anxiety, but for me, daily monotonous routine serves me well. When my life is better organized like a check off list, I can sleep better knowing things are in order, expected to be done right in the time allotted, and less likely for me to suffer the worse imaginable consequence of being unprepared.

Currently, I have yet to experience living by myself, detached from any roommate. Even the simple life I share with the cubbs have occasionally been disrupted by the unexpected. It would be nice to return to sleeping soundly on my own comfortable bed, with nothing but my own snores and sounds to wake me. Recently, I have no more patience to pick up after other people’s trash or take care of any other but me. Honestly, distractions are not conducive for a good health, a successful sleep cycle and school’s demands.