GOD will bring the right people in my life, those that will celebrate who I am and believe the best of me. There are those who will only deter me from my destiny, simply a distraction. It is a battle not worth fighting over. I am not gonna allow someone to make me feel this bad because God will give me the divine connections, those that will bring me closer to Him.

“QUiT wasting your time trying to win over someone who’s never gonna be won over.”

Proverbs 20:3 “To avoid a fight is a mark of honor.”

I have been letting so much go and walking away from the evil that keeps swarming around me. No more wasting my precious time… All he wants to do is aggravate and argue. I don’t! It’s not worth to engage into any conflict…

“One reason why people will never accept us is because they are too insecure and intimidated. They minimize so the can equalize. Wrong people like that will never change…”

God is my vindicator! He will bless me even more with each wrong word/action he will do me. God did not bring me this far… and, I owe Him the right focus instead of this mess.