My mother and I shared an interesting conversation this afternoon. After agreeing to pay for my car insurance next year, mama showed me her coworker’s pictures from Plaza de San Pedro. My siblings and I have always wondered why mama never once went on vacation. She always strikes all those that really know her to be super spendthrift. Her almost irritating response, that she will not go on a holiday until all four of us graduated college instigates not the usual guilt trip feelings; rather, respect and humility. Now that I received my BNE letter and my grades look better than promising, I have more confidence to offere her a graduation gift.

I promised to take mama to a pilgrimage to the Vatican City a year after graduation [est. Dec 2011]. Who knows, maybe we’ll spend Christmas there? I would like to have my sister come with us as well. Isn’t that someting really good to look forward to?

I miss Cza-Cza, more now that I saw her pre-wedding pics with Raymond. As I drove home aimlessly thru Sugar Land traffic, tears were streaming down my cheeks. Hopefully, she will forgive me one day. In two weeks, my little sister is getting married!!! Truly excited and happy for her.