This Thanksgiving holiday, I am very grateful to all the P90X and flickr friends God has blessed me with. Although I haven’t met them all in person yet, I must say that they’ve shared my journey these past five years. Because they follow my pictures just as much as I got to know their cats and kiddos, workout regimens, and obsessions with HK & bento boxes, my Christmas mail box has not been empty. As a kid, my mama taught me to hand-write personalized notes to special people in my life… Let’s just say the numbers have decreased as I grew older.

There are those I’ve been lucky enough to experience special connections and have remained in constant communication with. Thank you, facebook! I love you’all just as much as you love me & my cubbs. You know who you’all are. Please expect the Christmas cards my double-trouble & I worked hard on taking… sigh O.0

I am grateful for my fellow flickr fashionistas & crazy cat mummies and daddies =D they don’t think I’m insane for posing or spoiling my babies

I am grateful for my swap sisters and childhood chums…

I am grateful for my P90X supporters, the sisterhood, and body building buddies… they’ve rallied me to keep working on my fitness

I am grateful for the people I’ve met through my travels =D shout-out to the China group!


Here’s my favourite chat right now & why you’all rock:

David thanks for the Parade gift in mafia Wars

aJ ur welcome, im trying not to mafia… focus on school, takin quick break.

David LOL

aJ but it’s keeping me unsad/unstressed LOL

David is that your cat in your photo. you’re still sad from last time?

aJ nope new sad? yes, that’s KOGA the orangey and GSXR is the gray one

[deleted convo to protect innocent]

David but you’re Gucci Bear!


David you dont go out without a fight. you always rallying the troops

aJ i know right?!?! LOL xD

David and with the help of Gucci Bear you won $1,500,000

aJ thank you really bwwhahahahahahaaha

David so go out beyourself have fun; dont be sad

aJ no im jst a little sad – momentary

David dont be; you got the orangey cat

aJ ROFL @ my lazy bums… they just eat/sleep… thanks I gotta go; school tomorrow!

David lol, that’s good…. take care

David no sadness okay? okay i’ll check up on you later

aJ i always end the day how i started it with a prayer and a smile you have a wonderful turkey week

David yup you too

aJ ciao (“( ‘o’, )