Is it just me or did the weekend just slapped my face to Monday? Insert grumpy face here. There’s nothing worse than waking up @0930, when you’re not scheduled to work, and it’s his day off as well. I would’ve burrito blanket’d meself had I not forgotten to pay the rent on the 1st. For the love of Jedediah Springfield, just maybe, that awful apt office manager will realise this is the first tarnish on my 5yr record and not slap me with a late fee. As I climb into my own bed, too tired to fb while wishing I had a lake or forest to look out to, I know it’s beyond time to relocate, but that would mean I have to move the mountains of paper through the shredder or a file cabinet… clean the clutter in the closet… carry stuffs from the fifth floor… Who wants all that? Main reason why I don’t own a television. I refuse to carry anything I cannot eat or wear. Sigh… I’ve ran out of undies and socks. During finals, it was easier to purchase than hand wash the lingerie. Now, the initials PRO after my name indicate procrastinator numero uno. I haven’t turned on the stove since summer. Senseless rant ends here. G’nite from the lazy.