I just got back from the gym where a really nice gentleman asked for my number.

Hi! I’m Justin. I couldn’t help but notice you come to this gym often and I’ve seen you at H.E.B. Do you live near the area?

[blush – checking self in mirror – kicking self – wishing I wore a more figure friendly top]

Um, yea. Not too far.

[more convo inserted here]

If you’re leaving now, I can walk you to your car.

[ya- i guess i could cool down some more at home…]

Okay, thank you.

My pleasure.

We make more small talk on our way to my ride in this pretty cold weather.

Oh, wow. I knew YOU drove the Honda Civic. Is it stock? How old is it??!?! The other guys and I have been been talking about you and when you were coming back, so we could ask. I think it’s awesome you drive stick.

Yea, this is my baby.

[Wait a minute….]

Have you ever thought of selling it?

I’m always receiving propositions for the car. At least once a week, a guy will drive next to me and ask me how much I’ll sell it for. They want a project car.

I’m sure!!!! Can I have your number, then? I would definitely like to keep in touch. Maybe we can work-out sometime? I’ll spot you should you decide to lift weights and not do just cardio.


AND THIS IS WHEN I got turned off. bwahahahahahahahaha… My car gets more attention than me. Honestly, she’s a sexy bitch when she’s cleaned up.

Plus, him implying I cannot lift certain weights or machines is right, but that’s not the reason why I haven’t been pumping with my fellow lunkers >_< It’s freaking February; the place is still infested with newbs without gym etiquette!!! gRRrrrrrrrr…. won’t re-rack. won’t wipe down their own sweat. won’t stop staring at the girl with her check list and serious face.

Is it too much to ask for a McSteamy wrapped in a small white towel? Now, HE can have my car =D