What happens when you find yourself insignificant?
i mean, truly.
when the person you have been in love with

isn’t in love with you.
he doesn’t even care;

just borderline concerned.

he survived before he met you;
and, he’d still be living the same way when you leave.

Reminder: “What you want is what you get.”

– January 2005


I was cleaning out my closet earlier this week when I found this on a table napkin I wrote five years ago. Although it’s been ages that I’ve chosen to forget why I wrote it, it felt appropriate and odd. It’s probably because I find myself in the same situation again. I’m not necessarily in love or hurt by anyone right now. Hardly. Life is good! Actually, I’m just thinking déjà vu style. A very good friend is undergoing her metamorphosis. They say that if you do not learn your lesson the first time, the similar circumstances will keep repeating themselves until you do. After all, one’s expiration date is supposedly pre-ordained even before the first breath is drawn. It’s so, and nothing more to be said.

Right now, I’m thinking…

I can’t be with someone that has an irreversible rejection of life. You shouldn’t either.