Camera shutters.
It feels awesome when you’re in the act of breaking your own rules, doesn’t it?
Every wall you’ve built to protect yourself vanished at his first allure.
The tables were turned, Eve.
The rush of sweet sugary candy coated promises you were seduced to.
You acted like an animal, but proving what makes you human is your ability to take a risk.
When you seize the mundane, and become a part of something you don’t know, will you wonder its worth?
When you’re given an opportunity to be a rockstar for the night and satisfy that dream you’ve never shared a soul to,
did he answer your question:
“when you lie at night, what’s missing?
Will you be able to handle the post spiral shame that you must medicate with mango margaritas?
Will you persevere through your decision? lack of judgement?

Only when I was left confoozled than anything.
There are no more men with values.
Ok. Maybe the meditating monks or some hopeless romantics like me out there.
I’m almost as bitter as the undiluted salty sauce,
at the bottom of my sweating, almost empty chalice.
Not exactly sure how I feel about all the stages of grief I’ve been put through.
But, I’ve come to accept, I’ve been played.