I’m aware I should be doing my homework rather than blogging…

However, after having an enlightened discussion w/Jeremy about the last stage of development, we agreed that many focus on the younger years. Through the Emergency Room doors, we see numerous patients suffering from chronic pain or life stressor. Someone stated it took many moons for him to stare at a mirror and realize there’s not turning the sands of time. There are those that hurt others and their bodies without thinking of the impact in their older years. I’m not just preaching about eating clean and living lean, or that you should forgive and forget. There is also the importance of our human-relationships, and realizing which ones can waste your precious time. Imagine your Tree of Life. In order for it to flourish fervently and grow healthy, you have to keep it well-nourished and free of sucker branches and parasites. I hope you’all won’t let anything, or anyone, steal your Joy and purpose. The ego quality that emerges from a positive resolution in your golden years is true wisdom. Erikson defines it as a kind of “informed and detached concern with life itself in the face of death itself.”


My friends, I pray you are living a KiND LiFE full of satisfaction & accountability.
As an older adult, do you or will you have peace because you’ve treat yourself & others consciously?

I hope for integrity, not despair in your future.