Although I’m a die-hard romantic, I’ve no interest in the movie Brokeback Mountain; however, I’ve seen enough parodies of the infamous line between the lovelorn ranchers, “I wish I could quit you.” Like most women, I grew up fantasizing for my own love at first sight with a Cary Grant moment. Falling helpless under the control of someone, be it love or hormonal-pseudo-addiction as I call it, can carry consequences in the real world. Why do men and women wallow for lost loves? Or cling to those that have fallen out of love? Haven’t we heard that the more the man pulls away, the more the woman runs after him o.0
An older woman once explained: the best way to get over a man is to get under one ;P There’s some truth in that, but it’s not safe or long lasting. Mating without intimately bonding isn’t always bueno. We often overlook and talk ourselves into wanting what we have instead of waiting for what we deserve.
For vegan flirts like myself, there’s a kick-start challenge where you go beyond toying with the idea and actually restraining from carnivorous appetites for 21 days at a time. By depriving the dependence to said substance and developing better habits, slowly the search for a daily fix should disappear. After talking to one cowboy and several gorgeous girl friends confoozled by love games, I wondered, why not practice the same cleanse for relationships?

One No Ex Sex
Our amazing bodies betray our human minds easily. The orgasm hormone, oxytocin, causes feelings of attachment. When you look deeply into each others eyes, a cocktail of chemicals can make you cling to your lover and whisper, “I cannot quit you.”
Two Cut off ALL contact
There’s a reason why he or she is your ex. It could stand for bad EXample or for the need to be permanently placed in your past. Period! Remove reasons to initiate calls no matter how difficult it is. Be ruthless with your boundaries!
Three Go thru ALL stages of grief
I know from personal experience that putting off a pity party will only come back twofold. There’s nothing worse than bursting into tears for no reason. In the middle of Wally’s World. Then, again, later that week (o.-)” Like medication, allow yourself a course to cry, enough to melt your eyes, if need be.
Four Identify what went wrong and right
If you still think it’s always them, not me. Then, find an objective friend who’ll honestly tell you the issues. To avoid making more mistakes and prevent future relationshits, make the time together with brand new ex matter by studying the patterns against the previous partners. Ponder this: if the relationship was good, wouldn’t you still be happily in it?
Five Stay away from emotional eating
Don’t replace bad food with another junk. Instead, exercise and fill up on endorphins. Love thyself. Whatever way you want ;P

I don’t want a love like woe for my friends; rather, like Whoa!
Ms. Gaynor sang it best, “I will survive.”
Like I told my little sister before, our bodies were made to endure hurt, but also to heal.
There’s truth in the Buddhist saying, “Pain in inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Kthanxbai (“( ‘o^,).
I’m off to the gym to love myself.