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According to my recent readings,

“STRESS have potent vasoconstrictng effects on arteries & veins =[ which contribute to reduction in tissue oxygenation by reducing oxygen availability to your body’s needs.”

It would be an understatement to say that the past two weeks have been tough. School is my super stressor. Correction, one professor has proven that I am an awful test taker or maybe a weak critical thinker. How can one Helga initiate droves of drop-outs and increase the risk of failing for smart students? Everyone believes they are out to get us even there is a nursing shortage. Maybe this is just proof that I have a high affinity towards abusive relationship. I just keep taking the blows.

In addition, living with someone who is not encouraging dedication towards my education has not only been challenging, but irritating as well. Honestly, me asking for peace and quiet on the day of a crucial exam is not my way of purposely annoying or restricting the other’s personal freedom. In the end, we need our own corners. MY apartment is appropriate enough for just my cubbs and me. I would not mind moving to wider spaces; however, will that really be for the best?

…. currently contemplating


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