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Don’t ask me how I came to sleep on the couch last night. I remember rising a couple of times, startled in between nightmares. I wanted to stop acting like a baby, and climb into the warm comforter of his arms. Many times I contemplated using the cold weather as an excuse, instead of admitting fault.

I was staring into a white space when the clock-radio alarm went off very early at seven this morning. He hit the snooze button twice before I heard him hesitantly stagger towards the shower. He muttered something about the bloody cold morning while I closed my eyes, rolled over, and covered my head with a pillow.

Carefully, he tip-toed downstairs. He must have stood there looking at me before he caressed my head softly like a father would an asleep baby. With a smile on his face, he invites me to the breakfast table. With immaculate assurance, his face mirrored that of a child who’s done his mother proud. My Indian book of short stories I like to read before I go to sleep was open, placed precisely next to a plate of toasted wheat bagels and a steaming cup of newly poured tazo tea. It was heaven; I did not need to tell him I use a shot of skim milk and two sugar cubes. The sharp ginger ale after-taste made me grimace. He became aware I’ve been wearing his red plaid boxers and said I’m most beautiful in the morning. While dwelling in a Pasadena hotel room all weekend, he missed my wake up hugs.

He drives me to work even if he shall be late for his clinic rounds. Compared to the everyday hospital scrubs we usually wear, I notice how smart he looks in his navy pinstripe suit and dark blue dress shirt. Of course, I noticed his romantic attempt of wearing my favourite bright green and baby blue diagonally-stripped tie. He reminds me why I love dressing a man sophisticated. As he try to make small talk, I tell him I am in no mood to go salsa dancing after dinner tonight.

Before I step out of the car, he tugs at my pig tails and reminds me I will not need an umbrella because he will be waiting after my shift. I look at his solemn smile and I am amazed at how alive he makes me feel.


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